Poetry Friday: Distracted and a Blog Break


Poetry Friday round up is hosted at The Opposite of Indifference.  Thanks, Tabatha.


I am
cleaning the refrigerator,
cleaning out photos,
watching the constant retelling of deadly
events on the news,
watching the birds flit
here and there
listening to the click, click, click, click,
of my dog’s nails on the wood floors,
listening for peace,

My writing
awaits me
in between the calls
to the doctor,
the pre-op hospital nurse,
and friends.

I am distracted
and writing
waits like
the smooth river stone
until I return.

So you might know that I am having left rotator cuff surgery on Monday.  It’s been five and a half months of dealing with shoulder pain.  And it’s been a huge distraction for me.  I have know idea about the recovery time.  I am left handed.  I need to be patient with myself during the next few weeks.

I will be taking a blog break until the last week in August when I host Poetry Friday. And start thinking about poetry books or serving on the CYBILS poetry panels…late August we will be ramping up again.


Happy Friday
Happy Poetry.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday. Time to celebrate and share at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Getting some organizing task completed. I saw an orthopedic surgeon this week. He wants to do surgery this coming week (hopefully) or by July 23. There’s not much I will be able to do once surgery happens. I feel this great need to clean and organize the house. So today I spent time in the garage and guest room. Some of it is on my “summer to do” list.

Green plants!

20140712-182536.jpg As I have stated to friends recently “Our house will end up like Briar Roses’ castle”, this is proof that it’s actually happening. And with my shoulder, pruning is not a task I should do.


20140712-182839.jpg Watching grandgirl in her pool. This picture just cracks me up. I celebrate her joyous nature.

I finished the book Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams. It’s a powerful book written in verse. An editor suggested I read it as a mentor text.
Also recently read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Time to have breakfast and catch up with friends this week. It’s what I love about summer.

What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday: Summer Poetry Postcard


Poetry Friday is upon us. Write Time is hosting us today. It’s her first time so here’s a big welcome. Thanks for hosting us all.

I returned from my time in Idaho to find a poetry postcard from Joy Acey.  How fun to recieve one after sending out many in April.


Here’s to dreams coming true.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

There’s always so much to celebrate each Saturday. More celebrations can be found at Ruth Ayres Writes.

I love summer. Love the easier, slower pace of life. We left to visit our Idaho friends on Wedneday. One of the best parts f the trip is the ever changing sky.


While not the news I had hoped for, I found the source of my shoulder pain plaguing me for the past five months. Had an MRI on Monday. It revealed a complete muscle tear with a partial tear. I see the ortho surgeon on Tuesday. So I celebrate knowing what’s wrong and how to proceed.

Small town parades. We love the Buhl, ID Independence Day parade. This year we had oldest grand girl with us. She loved the throwing of the candy in to the crowds. One of the highlights for me is the gigantic farm machines.


Found poetry at Hagerman Park. Our tradition includes the annual picnic in the park. Yesterday, it was quite warm. This was found painted on the sidewalk.


And the evening f the fourth is always filled with fireworks. What is it about sparklers that are so magical? And why do kids love smoke bombs so much?



What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday:


Poetry Friday all red, whie, and blue is at My Little Juicy Universe.

Happy Fourth of July. I discovered this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, born the same year as when Lewis and Clark left to search for the Northwest Passage. It seems a fitting poem for today.

A Nation’s Strength

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803 – 1882

What makes a nation’s pillars high
And its foundations strong?
What makes it mighty to defy
The foes that round it throng?

It is not gold. Its kingdoms grand
Go down in battle shock;
Its shafts are laid on sinking sand,
Not on abiding rock.

Is it the sword? Ask the red dust
Of empires passed away;
The blood has turned their stones to rust,
Their glory to decay.

And is it pride? Ah, that bright crown
Has seemed to nations sweet;
But God has struck its luster down
In ashes at his feet.

Not gold but only men can make
A people great and strong;
Men who for truth and honor’s sake
Stand fast and suffer long.

Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly…
They build a nation’s pillars deep
And lift them to the sky.

I’m at friends in Idaho, my place to be on this holiday. Small town parade, a picnic in the park, and fireworks tonight. Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Friday.
Happy poetry.

Poetry Friday: Community

Welcome to Poetry Friday which is being held at Buffy’s Blog.  Thanks, Buffy.  This is our school garden. It’s been a several year project coming to fruition by a fabulous committee, the donations for Home Depot, and parents who will care take over the summer.  It was my inspiration for writing some garden poems recently.



a garden
of sunflower
seeds, peas, and beans. Each
row different. We
learned about dirt. It felt
damp, silky smooth with wiggly
worms. We watched as seedlings sprouted
like little edible tree forests.
We planted a garden. Community.

©Jone Rush MacCulloch, 2014


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday. Time to celebrate all the goodness of the week at Ruth Ayres Writes.


Summer vacation has begun as of today!  Our last day of school was yesterday. While bittersweet with eight people leaving us, it was a joyous day. So much love to be shared by students, staff, and parents.


Last weekend I was at my brother’s graduation from the Southern California Health Institute.  Forty years ago this month I graduated from Lewis and Clark College.  This weekend is our fortieth reunion.  Good to catch up with people.


Kindergartners who brought me cards for reading to them all year.  Singing “Metamorphosis” with the minders…it’s a song about change.


I was accepted into the Darcy Pattison Revision Retreat along with 19 other people. In January 2015 (six months away).


Getting my first summer poem in the mail for the Summer Poetry Swap from Diane Mayr.  Thanks, Diane.

What are you celebrating?