Poetry Friday: A Google Hang-Out with Janet Wong


Today Poetry Friday is hosted by Margaret at Reflections on the Teche.  Thanks, Margaret.

On Wednesday, Janet Wong held a much anticipated Poetry PD training for teacher librarians at my school.  At the end of last school year, copies of The Poetry Friday Anthology: Celebrations were purchased for each elementary school.  It took all year but our group finally got to have an hour with Janet.

She went through a Powerpoint with tips on how to infuse poetry into our thirty minute time slots.  On teacher library said this:

“It gave me really useful information and ideas for using the poetry anthology, and it was a really needed tonic: real literature for kids, connected to the standards, will easily relate to the rest of the staff.
I have missed the literature side of our mission .. this was inspiring.”
At the very end, she asked if we needed any poems.  I suggested something around our Digital Citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Media. 
Janet is amazing and awesome because about an hour later I had two poems for our group. With her permission, I am sharing one.
by Janet Wong
At home
my mother scolds me
because I do not like to share
my toys.
In class
my teacher scolds me
because I do not like to share
the markers.
But here in the library
our librarian tells us
to keep our passwords secret.
No sharing allowed!
The library is my favorite place.
Thanks, Janet.  This gives me a jump off point for some other digital citizen poems.
and keeping the ripple effect of poetry…more posts:
Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: The Glorious Sun


Poetry Friday is held at Violet Nesdoly today.  Thanks, Violet.  Her poem in response to the Canadian fire is powerful in its images such as

Buzzing dragonflies spit
bucket after bucket of pink.
Under his gauzy skin, beast continues to binge.

It’s sunny in the Northwest and we may hit ninety degrees today.  It made me think of Lily’s poems because on sunny days it’s easy to have “hope as sunny as the sun”:

My mind is like the tardis
My eyes are like space
My hands are  masters at art
My heart holds hope
That is as sunny as the sun
I live in a world of violent
And eat any kind of oreo

Lily A.
5th grade

The ripple effects of poetry continue in these two places:

This tweet from my friend, Christy.


At Teacher Dance, Linda shared her poetry postcard from Braeden with a connection.

Plus, I can’t wait to give Cynthia a note from Joyce Sidman.  Her teacher said it’s a perfect thing for her as she is so quiet.


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Ripple Effect of Poetry Postcards


Poetry Friday is hosted by Sylvia at Poetry for Children. Thanks Sylvia!


Last month was quite the month for celebrating student work.  And for sending over sixty poetry postcards.  Seven were sent overseas. They cause a poetry ripple effect.

This week students received these postcards which was a total surprise as our postcards are all about paying it forward and making someone’s day.  They arrive late yesterday so I can’t wait to share with students today.  Thanks Mrs’ Graves 4th grade class (left) and Michelle (right).

And then there were a few ripple at blogs that shared postcards with their readers.

Matt shared the postcard from Mylee at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme.

Michelle shared Ciara’s postcard at Today’s Little Ditty.

Liz shared Juanita’s at her blog and totally got Juanita’s backward words.

Poetry ripples were meant to be created.  Let’s keep making them.


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 29/30


Poetry Friday is held at Buffy’s Blog today.  Thank you, Buffy.


We’re coming to a close with celebrating student work.  What I love about all these poets is the range of development.  Many were accepted into the Young Americans Poetry Digest.

I have an idea for next year to teach poetry earlier in the year as a way to teach formatting with either Google Docs or Word.

My skin is like cinnamon
My eyes are like chocolate
My nails are Valentine’s colors
My heart holds weirdness
That is black as space
I live in a house and eat white chocolate

Juanita M
5th grade

Mothers Are Your best friend
Mothers sound like a caring loving mom
Mothers taste like chocolate hart
Mothers smell like fresh flowers
Mothers look like the prettiest person you will meet
Mothers feel like a soft fluffy blanket

Kaytlin T.
5th Grade

Happy Friday
Happy Poetry

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 28/30



Fast Faithful Seaman
I am as sneaky as a fox.
Speeding, jumping, growling
frightening of the predators.
I am a brave creature.|
terrifying tall terrier.

Chase D.
4th Grade


 I am as strong as grizzly bear as a big fat wolf.
I dive, jump, splash and scare the beavers
Sacagawea had her baby
Seaman scare the beavers in the way fast and brave like Sacagawea                

Valeria C.
4th grade


I am as Brave As a cheetah
I traveled with Lewis and Clark
Sacagawea had a baby on the way

Paulina L.
4th Grade