Poetry Friday: Welcome Everyone and a Some Ideas for Poetry Postcards.


Welcome to my place.  I realized that Poetry Friday happens regardless of the weather.  We don’t need to worry about cancelling because people can’t get here.

Last week, I invited everyone to the New Year Poetry Exchange. And people are signing up. I am doing a happy dance.  Someone commented it would be their first time which made me think about providing some ideas as a start.  I am a jump into the fire kind of person but not every one jumps into the fire.  I appreciate that.

First off and most importantly, there are no rules (well, maybe to at least get the New Year Post Cards out by the end of January?)

My first year (and I am sorry but I don’t have a photo), I printed off a photo from the coast, created a photo card, and put the haiku on a label and stuck it on the inside of the card.

Another year, I discovered that you can order postcards from places like Walgreen in their photo section (I also discovered that you need to prepare at least two weeks ahead as they are sent out for processing.


This past year, I’ve discovered this product from Amazon:


I’m sure there other resources for this.  I can order prints of my haiku photos from the local photo place (normally Walgreens) and then use the above backs to create a post card.



You can purchase postcards and write a poem on the back of it and I have sent those as well.  I love buying postcards from places I visit and then writing a poem inspired by the postcard.

AGAIN, THERE ARE NO RULES! And that’s the fun of it.  So I hope you join us!  You can sign up here:

PS If you signed up last week, please make sure I have your email. I corrected the form.  II need to email you the addresses of the people you’ll send postcards to.

I am looking for to your posts today!


Poetry Friday: New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange


Can you believe it’s December?    So welcome. I am glad you are here.  Poetry is so needed these days. I have been in a slump!  It made me wonder about a fun project I have done with others in the past:  sending out New Year Poems on postcards.


This is one I sent last year.  And while I created my own photo postcard, it can be as simple as sending a postcard with a poem written, scribbled, etc on the back.  Would it be fun to start 2017 with a poem.  After 2016, I am in need of poetic words.


These are from a previous year in what I received.  This group was haiku based around the Japanese New Year. As you can see, it was the year of the goat.  This year if you are inclined for a prompt, it’s the year of the rooster.

Here’s the Google Form to sign up if interested.  There are choices like sending five postcards or ten, sending in the states or internationally, your choice.  I really hope that you will consider signing up for this exchange.

I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with you via poetry post cards.

Thank you Bridget, for hosting Poetry Friday this week.


Poetry Friday: Fourth Grade Haiku


Thanks goes to Brenda today for hosting Poetry Friday at Friendly Fairy Tales.

Big news at Michelle’s Today’ Little Ditty.  Read the details here:

Five for Friday: Best Things + BIG NEWS!

I’m thrilled to be part of this collection. Here’s where to buy the book:

The Best of Today’s Little Ditty, 2014-2015 is available
in paperback for $9.95 or as a Kindle ebook for $5.95.

When you walk in the hallways and discover these gems by Mr. Yates fourth graders:

Crackling wood in fire.
terrifying, drifting leaves.
Jumping in cold hay.


Leaves falling off trees
Yellow red leaves soggy wet
Golden marshmallows



Rain makes grass dark green
Leaves are red orange yellow
Rain makes dirt mushy

Rain makes mushrooms grow
Rain drops drip from orange trees
Rain makes trees grow more


 yellow shining leaves
leaves are dancing in the wind
cloudy sunny day

 ~Ethan V.

Fresh crisp Autumn air
Golden leaves surfing the win
The season of pumpkins                          


Windy rainy cold outside
Foggy moist wet cold morning
Squishy soggy grass        


Red rainbow draping.
Golden dancing orange red leaves
Autumn leaf is falling.


Walking down forest,
Feeling chills flowing down back,
Sun light shining down


Bright orange sun setting
Golden yellow leaves falling
Slight breeze flowing


Orange red gold-en green
Crun-chy bright color-full hap-py
Blue wet yel-low wind.

~Sean C


Bright blue sunny day
Falling dancing twirling leaves
Golden yellow leaves


Big soft leaves on trees
Gold soft leaves in the back yard
Orange pumpkins on porch


Spider webs with dew,
Frosty trees with yellow leaves,
Hot apple cider


Green grass is growing
Deep violet  shades purple
Big fat round pumpkins.


Foggy  Misty air
purple leaves rain golden sun
Burning hot cocoa


Golden leaves falling
orange pumpkins rolling down hill
pumpkins growing big


Twilit road,cool sheets,pillow
trees turn orange,red,brown.


Dark blue stormy day.
Cracking smacking breaking sticks.
Red orange crunchy leaves.


Trick-or-treat my friend
Cold breeze feels winter to day
Orange pumpkins round off.


Falling leaves golden
Trees, birds flying, foggy air,
Glow jack o’ lanterns.



Scarecrows stuck in hay.
Jack O’Lanterns on porch deck
Crows saying caw caw.


Red blue drifting leaves
Leaves dropping from maple trees
Yellow shining leaves




Poetry Friday: Still I Rise by Maya Angleou


Jama is graciously hosting Poetry Friday with a poem of hope.  We need these poems to end a week of dark and sadness.

I’ve spent this week focusing in on kindness and the beauty of small things.  We will drive to the coast  for the holiday and load up on negative ions (See Here).

Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise has been in my head and heart all week especially, the first and last stanzas.

Still I Rise

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

The poem in its entirety is HERE.

These are words which soothe my soul this week.

Happy poetry.

Happy Friday.

Poetry Friday: Gone Shopping by Nikki Grimes


Thanks to  Linda at TeacherDance for hosting Poetry Friday today.

I was fortunate to hear Nikki Grimes at the recent Poetry Camp on writing verse novels.  Of course, her book, GARVEY’S CHOICE, has been nominated for the CYBILS Poetry Award.

DEAR TOMATO: An International Crop of Food and Agricultural Poems, edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte, photography by Norie Wasserman (CreateSpace, 2015) was one of the many books I purchased while at the conference.  In it, is a poem by Nikki Grimes.

Gone Shopping

Basket in tow,
I go to the garden,
reach for Eggplant,
ripe and regal
in her purple splendor,
sunlight bouncing off
her sating skin.
“She is too beautiful
for roasting,”
my eyes tell me.
I almost agree,
but then,
my stomach growls.

(used with permission from Carol-Ann Hoyte and Nikki Grimes)

I no longer have a garden but I remember the times I grew eggplant.  I love the deep royalty of color this plant produces.  I also love the ratotuille, eggplant casserole, and roasted eggplant that I make from this vegetable.  This poem has ignited a need to buy some eggplant and create a savory autumn dish.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: More Student Work

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  I love that she’s gone old school with the links.

A few weeks ago I featured student poetry.  I walked by the fourth/fifth classroom and noticed the art and poems. I just had to share!



In further news:

  • The Poetry Section for the CYBILS has about thirty eight titles nominated.  Woohoo.
  • Go to Today’s Little Ditty as Michelle reveals the cover to The Best of TLD, 2014-2015.  I am thrilled to be in this collection.
  • Find out more about the Winter Poetry Swap at Tabatha Yeatts.  Always great fun!                                  WINTER POETRY SWAP.jpg

Wednesday’s Wonderings



So the CYBIL’s nomination window closes on Saturday, October 15. I wonder have you nominated anything yet?

Would you like some suggestions for Poetry? if so, see below:

  1. Burg, Ann. 2016. Unbound. Scholastic.
  2. Caswell, Deanna. 2016. Boo Haiku. Ill. by Bob Shea. Abrams Appleseed.
  3. Dooley, Sarah. 2016. Free Verse
  4. Lewis, J. Patrick. 2016. Kooky Crumbs: Poems in Praise of Dizzy Days
  5. Lin, Grace and McKneally, Ranida T. 2016. Our Food
  6. Powell, Patricia Hruby. 2016. Loving vs. Virginia: A Documentary Novel of the Landmark Civil Rights Case.

if you know of a poetry book publishd between Oct.16, 2015-Oct. 15, 2016 and it’s not nominated be sure to get to the CYBILs site.