Poetry Friday: Somewhere Today


Head over to Amy at The Poem Farm for more poetry today.  Thanks, Amy.

September 21 was International Peace Day.  For some classes, I read Somewhere Today A Book of Poetry by Shelley Moore Thomas. Students from two classes wrote a poem based on the book.


Somewhere Today

Somewhere today
a teacher is reading to students
Somewhere today
a brother is helping someone ride a bike
Somewhere today
a mom is planting flowers
Somewhere today
everyone is sitting and being responsible and respectful
Somewhere today
a mom is fixing old toyS
Somewhere today
children are in class, listening and mailing books
Somewhere today
someone is selling food to support people
Somewhere today
someone is using a punching bag instead of hitting people
Somewhere today
someone is planting trees to make the world a better place
The world is a better place
by helping others.

by Mrs. Pardue’s First Grade Class

Somewhere Today

Somewhere today
someone is feeding the world
Somewhere today
people are donating their stuff to help with disasters
Somewhere today
toys are being delivered to children who don’t have them
Somewhere today
someone is writing a letter to a friend who is old
Somewhere today
someone is taking care of their pet
Somewhere today
someone is singing a song

by Mrs. Tewinkel’s Second Grade Class.


Poetry Friday: Flashlight Night


Thank you, Matt, at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme, for hosting Poetry Friday. And happy almost book birthday to FLASHLIGHT NIGHT.


One of the nicest things waiting for me at school in August was a galley proof of Matt’s book.  Besides getting a sneak peek, I love that I can show students as part of the book making and publishing process.

Today, I shared with Mrs. L’s second-grade class.  There were lots of “oohs” and “aahs” over the words and illustrations.  Here are some comments:

‘The fence looks like the zombie apocalypse.” ~ Carter

“The cat is also the tiger.” ~ Amy

“It looks like a haunted house with the crooked fence.” ~Chase

“You can imagine things that aren’t real.” ~Lani

The author wants you to imagine”. ~Naomi

“I like to play hand puppets with a flashlight.” ~Morgan

I can’t wait to get the finished copy when it arrives on the shelves.  I absolutely love the work play and rhymes.

And Fred Koehler’s muted tones of the book makes you want to pour over the drawings for awhile.

Congratulations, Matt, for a stunning first book.  It’s going to be fun to compare the galley proof with the actual book.


Poetry Friday: Let’s Go Crazy! Pet Crazy!


IMG_1077Welcome, welcome to Poetry Friday.  I am super happy you stopped by to share what’s happening in your poetic world.

15940637_10211758859710335_5266318001333728088_nDid you know?  Tomorrow, August 26 is National Dog Day.

This is a fabulous time to share a brand  new poetry resource, A POETRY FRIDAY POWER BOOK PET CRAZY By Sylvia Vardel and Janet Wong. Today’s its book birthday.

Pet Crazy FRONT cover 300dpi

It’s another Poetry Friday Power Book geared to our youngest writers and poetry readers.  Sylvia and Janet combed through 700+ poems from the Poetry Friday Anthologies to find twelve stellar poems around the theme of pets and a storyline about our fur friends.

Correction: from Janet: The Poetry Friday Anthology series contains 30+ poems about pets, but only 5 of the anchor poems in PET CRAZY were culled from The PFA series (poems by Kristy Dempsey, Eric Ode, Eileen Spinelli, April Halprin Wayland, and Carole Boston Weatherford). Seven of the PET CRAZY poems are making their world debuts: poems by Helen Frost, Janice Harrington, Laura Shovan, Elizabeth Steinglass, Don Tate, Padma Venkatraman, and Tamera Will Wissinger.

Janet Wong layered in twenty-four mentor and response poems as the thread that holds the theme together.  Power word plays and pre-writing activities are included. Finally, a springboard of poetry prompts for students to explore a variety of forms; question poems, repetition poems, poems with stanzas, and poems with similes. are just a few.

Janet Wong graciously sent some images from the book to share with you.  The featured form is the Acrostic:

Pet Crazy PowerPack 7 Anchor and Response 300dpi

Pet Crazy PowerPack 7 Mentor and Power2You 300dpi

My attempt (in honor of National Dog Day):

Buster the Snurfer

Big personality in a small body
Understands when I need comfort
Snurfs the floor for tasty crumbs
The best companion for naps
Everyone loves him
Runs under the bed when I cook

©jone rush macculloch

I am looking forward to trying the book out with students once school starts.

How about you?  Do you have an acrostic poem to share?

Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell have generously donated two copies as giveaways. Respond in the comments for an opportunity to receive one.

Don’t forget to sign up for the CYBILS.



Poetry Friday: Firefly by Jacqueline Woodson


Thanks to Heidi at Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe. for hosting Poetry Friday.

My niece moved to NYC last August.  She introduced her son to fireflies last week.  They are such magical creatures.  Hereś a Jacqueline Woodson poem.



It’s almost May
and yesterday
I saw a firefly.
You don’t see
them a lot
in the city.
in the park
in the near dark
The rest of the poem is HERE.
Check It Out is going on a summer break until August.

Poetry Friday: More Second Grade Poetry

Thank you to Mary Lee at A Year of Reading who’s hosting Poetry Friday. 

tall and long
eating, feeding, caring
sitting down on the ground
hiding drinking running
fast and spots

~Taylor D.

Lynx rufus
Oregon Zoo
Shy, sneaky
Hiding, walking, jumping
has black fur sometimes looks like Darth Vader
short tail they look like a mountain lion

~ Brooklyn H.

black and yellowish
hunting, eating, hiding
you look like an eel
playing, running, sleeping
cave dweller

~Bentley C.

Lynx rufus
bobcats have fur that has spots
jumping, running, sleeping
bobcats are named for their bobbed tail
pacing, building, fighting
bobcats have sharp claws that are for fighting

~Nathan Y.

polar bear
in water
eating, killing, playing
6 to 10 feet
waiting, killing, surprising
sea bears
ursus maritims

~Thor S.