It’s Teen Read Week, Oct 18-24, 2009

Even though I am a K5 library media specialist, I love reading YA and supporting YA authors.

On Sunday, I did exactly that!  LK Madigan, a Portland YA author read from her debut book, Flash Burnout. Powell’s in Beaverton was packed and the book sold out!


It’s always interesting  to hear about how a book is born.  LK did not disappoint.  FlashBurnout was the result of a conversation about another story she wrote and was getting no where with it.  A “have you considered this” question was asked and it led LK on a different path.

The protagonist,high school boy, loves photography (and each chapter begins with a photography quote, loved that!).  It is a fabulous blend of humor and serious issues; the inner conversations of a teenage boy with his first serious girlfriend while another friend struggle with family secrets.

I will be lending my copy out to my YA library friends to get the word out. (After all, I really cannot place it at elementary).  It ‘s a real hoot though to read YA (and be thankful in some ways that high schools was a long time ago).

Happy Reading.


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