Sharon Creech Evening

Getting her new book, An Unfinished Angel, signed.

Sharon Creech visited Portland, Oregon on Tuesday! What a great evening. She talked about her writing life, how  she gets her ideas from words, poems, and everyday events. Still thinking about her comment that two poems collided together and thus Love That Dog was born.

Her new book, An Unfinished Angel, began with a story from her granddaughter: “Once upon a time in Spain, there was an angel and that angel was me.”   Creech’s story takes place in Switzerland.  Her blog, Words We Say, has videos about her writing process as well as some wonderful photos of the setting of the book. 

My friend, Kathleen, doing Readers’ Theater with Sharon Creech and her new book.

I just had to buy the book after listening to an excerpt in Readers’  Theater form.  Laugh out loud funny but you know there is some serious in it.

DSC_0044I read the part of “Gramps” in Walk Two Moons.

An inspiring moment came when I participated in a “Readers’ Theater” for Walk Two Moons.  Now, I know about RT but haven’t gotten into doing them. However, being on stage, reading, and seeing how simple it is, I have ideas for my reader awards books this year.

What have you been reading?

Happy Reading.


2 thoughts on “Sharon Creech Evening

  1. I had not experienced “readers theater” until this night…your portrayal of gramps brought it all to life…the theater, the character, the magic…Sharon Creech wove this story in such a way that the mystery called to us with every page, until we found our hearts wrapped up with each word. What a great way to engage our young readers in the delights of the literary world.

    What a fun evening…to be for a moment, as a child, intralled in the moment! Thank you Jone for being a willing and daring participant! Kudos!

  2. Oh, excellent! I really need to get my hands on this book. Thanks for the post.

    (It’s rare to find good Reader’s Theater texts, too, huh?)

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