Poetry Friday: Goblin Market


In honor of Laini Taylor and Jim Di Bartolo’s National Book Award nominee, Lips Touch Three Times I present “Goblin Market” by Christina Rosetti:

Morning and evening
Maids heard the goblins cry:
‘Come buy our orchard fruits,
Come buy, come buy:
Apples and quinces,
Lemons and oranges,
Plump unpecked cherries,
Melons and raspberries,
Bloom-down-cheeked peaches,
Swart-headed mulberries,
Wild free-born cranberries,
Crab-apples, dewberries,
Pine-apples, blackberries,
Apricots, strawberries;–
All ripe together

Read and hear the rest here.

I have just started reading this delicious book.  So remember the evening two years ago when I held a book party for Blackbringer.  Laini talked about this project, a book and the seed which started it all this wonderful Christina Rosetti poem.  After she left I looked it up as the only Rosetti poem I remembered was “Who has Seen the Wind?”

Listening to “Goblin Market”  while writing this post, brings to mind the richness of that era in literature and why I am drawn to it.  Reading from Lips Touch this morning while covering a class reminds me how lucky we are to have wonderful writers who will reach into the past and bring it forward with modern day tales with creepy kissing, goblins and the supernatural. 

BTW, Jim’s illustrations prior to each story in the collections creates a new way of looking at the graphic novel format.  This book is groundbreaking in its style.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Kelly here.  BTW  I actually wrote a double dactyl yesterday. I really didn’t believe I could do it!

Happy Friday.  Happy Reading.


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