Nonfiction Monday: Life-Size Zoo


Life-Size Zoo by Teruyuki Komiya  is just that! Life sized photos of more than 20 animals from a variety of Japan’s zoos.  It’s considered an animal encyclopedia featuring an information box on each page.  An explanation or zoo guide is explained adjacent the title page.  It is another of the many fabulous CYBILS nominations for NFPB category this year.  Almost every nomination is top notch.

From the tiny meerkat to the capybara (which reminds me of the one from the book Hooway for Wodney Wat) to the aardvark to the Asian elephant and more, readers will get to look at the photos up close and personal.  Plus the facts are amazing!  Consider:

Anteaters eat up to 30,000 ant a day.
Tapirs may look like a pig but the are more closely related to the horse and rhinoceros.
Giraffes can gallop up to 35 miles per hour.
Zebras use their whiskers to find food.
All the photos in the book show the actual size of the animal.  Along with the photo there is a side-bar which explains the part of the animal’s body featured, information about the animal, approximate age of the animal when known, the scientific name, and more information about the animal. 

Many of the pages expand in order to accomodate the large animals such as the head of the giraffe with its incredibly long tongue, the fierce tiger, mouth open and looking ready for a meal.

Life-size Zoo is a book of broad appeal for all ages. It is going to be a great addition to any library.

Title: Life-Size Zoo
Author: Teruyuki Komiya
Date Published: 2009
Pages: 43
Reading Level: All
Publisher: Seven Footer Kids
ISBN: 9781934734209
Source of Book: Gotten orignially from public library and then a copy from the publisher arrived for CYBILS consideration.

I really had fun sharing this ith my5 year old granddaughter this weekend. At her level, looking at the photos was the perfect activity but there is just so much to read and re-read.

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Have a great week.

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