Poetry Friday: Where Else in the Wild?

Where Else in the Wild? More Camouflaged Creatures Concealed and Revealed  by David M. Schwartz and Yael Schy push the envelope in the nonfiction world.  It is a hybrid book of sorts combing fabulous camouflaged creature photos by Dwight Kuhn with poetry, and nonfiction facts.  It’s a CYBILS nominee for the NF/Info PK.

There is a variety of poetry forms including concrete poems about scorpion fish, ambush bugs, and inchworms.   Some rhyme, others do not. 

Here’s a haiku for the Orchid Mantis:

elegance in white
poised upon an orchid blossom
praying as I prey

Each photo page folds out to show where the creature is hiding.  Along with the photo is information about the animal.  Did you know:

That the orchid mantis ranges in color between pink to yellow to white to blend in with the orchids?
That it doesn’t need to hid in the flower but can stand next to it?
That it can rotate its head a full 90 degrees without moving the rest of the body.

 In another, a question and answer poem, the leaf insect is explored:

 “What looks like a leaf but has wings, legs, and eyes?
An insect that hides  with a clever disguise…

…A remarkable bug! How else is it shrewd?
To resemble a leaf, it appears to be chewed.”

Did you know that leaf insects are part of the group known as “stick insects”?
That the sides have small “chew marks” to make it look more real?
That leaf insects are native only to parts of Asia and Australia?

The photos are stunning, the poems fun, and the facts informative.  Put them all together and readers of all ages will be coming back again and again.

Greg at Gottabook is hosting his first ever Poetry Friday. Thank, Greg!  I have an orignal poem for the Poetry Stretch at Deowriter

Happy Reading.