Non-Fiction Monday: Two Great Books About Math

The nominations for the CYBILS NFPB award have been stunning this year.  This week I had the opportunity to share two math oriented books with my students.


Tyrannosaurus Math by Michelle Markel  is a raucous, romping tale of a dinosaur who happens to love, love, love math! So much so that upon being born, he talks about a  “math sentence” and thus, his name Tyrannosaurus Math is bestowed or T-Math for short.  Readers will follow T-Math in daily adventures that has him counting by fives, deciding if a meteor is a sphere or cube and finally rescuing his “not-so-in-love-with-math” sister.  The author has included a glossary of math terms along with a pronunciation key for the dinosaurs. The kids had a great time with this book, especially when I pulled two boys and three girls up to stand by me as we made the brother and sister number sentence.


On the other hand, the second book had a calming effect with the students.  Zero is the Leaves on the Tree by Betsy Franco is a deliciously quiet book examining the concept of zero.  She asks about zero:

“Can you see it? Can you hear it?  Can you feel it?”  I loved the illustrations and the different ideas about zero such as zero on the leaves of the trees, zero the sound of snowflakes falling, the kites in the sir when the wind stops blowing, and the bikes in the bike rack after school lets out.  There is a sly little something going on in the book that my students picked up on. You will  just have to read the book to discover it for yourself.

Again, our committee work is cut out for us as we narrow over 70 books in the NFPB category down to 5-7 on the shortlist.  Will either of these make it?  Stay tuned.

 Tina Nichols Coury is hosting Nonfiction Monday.  There are some great posts already.

Title: Tyrannosaurus Math
Author: Michelle Markel
Date Published: 2009
Pages: 32
Reading Level: K-3
Publisher: Tricycle Press
ISBN: 978-1-582-46282-0
Source of Book: Copy from the publisher for CYBILS consideration.

Title: Zero is the Leaves on the Trees
Author: Betsy Franco
Date Published: 2009
Pages: Unpaged
Reading Level: K-3
Publisher: Tricycle Press
ISBN: 978-1-582-46249-3
Source of Book: Copy from the publisher for CYBILS consideration.

 Happy Reading.

Ms Mac