Poetry Friday: November Evening by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I love finding poems by authors.  Here is one from Lucy Maud Montgomery of Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon ( my niece’s favorite):

“November Evening” 
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Come, for the dusk is our own; let us fare forth together,
With a quiet delight in our hearts for the ripe, still, autumn weather,
Through the rustling valley and wood and over the crisping meadow,
Under a high-sprung sky, winnowed of mist and shadow.

Sharp is the frosty air, and through the far hill-gaps showing
Lucent sunset lakes of crocus and green are glowing;
‘Tis the hour to walk at will in a wayward, unfettered roaming,
Caring for naught save the charm, elusive and swift, of the gloaming.

Read the rest here.   It so captures the feeling of November.  May everyone have an abundant Thanksgiving.

Poetry Friday is over at the Drift Record.  Thank you, Julie!  I have an original poem at Deowriter for Poetry Stretch.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Reading.