Nonfiction Monday: Faith

“In our world, there are many faiths,” sums up the context of Faith by the Global Fund for Children. The fabulous photos depict the many ways that the world celebrates faith through prayer, meditation, singing and a variety of rituals.  Through these alone, there are many ways to engage children in discussion and inquiry.  The short texts serve as supportive captions.   Children are dressed in traditional clothing of their culture.

The book is well-organized, the appendix includes additional notes for further study, a maps locating where the different faiths can be found, and a glossary.

This is one of those quiet CYBILS nominees for NFPB that doesn’t scream “pick me, pick me” but rather a book that a reader comes back to and looks again at the photos and the diversity of our world.  In this holiday season, it provides rich photos to illustrate how the world celebrates its faith.  A great additional in promoting multi-cultural programs.

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