Non-fiction Monday: Redwoods by JasonChin

One of the joys of serving on the CYBILS NFPB category is reading new and exciting nonfiction.  Redwoods by Jason Chin is just that.  If you are looking for a nonfiction book which bends the edges with story and facts, find this book tomorrow. 

A boy finds and reads a book  about the redwoods and is transported there in his mind.  It’s the illustrations that blend with the text so wonderfully.  When the boy reads that some trees were first sprouted during the Roman Empire, he is seated between two characters from that period.  He pictures standing on a stump as he reads about the trees sprouting from the stump.  As the text makes its way up the tree to describe the canopy, the boy puts on tree climbing gear and ascends the tree.  Did you know that researchers found a mass of ferns weighing more than 1600 pounds?  He discovers the class of redwoods called the “titans”  and which is the tallest in the world.

I loved the ending but you’ll have to read it yourself.  The author has included an appendix with some information about the status of the redwoods. 

Redwoods is an example of innovation in design.  It’s the perfect blend of story and facts.  I will be sharing it with staff as a great example of  making pictures in your head while reading. Jason Chin has illustrated other books but this is the first for writing and illustrating.  I hope to see more from him.

 Simply Science is rounding up the nonfiction posts today.  I am late with my entry.