Who’s Reading What Wednesday

I lost my voice yesterday reading a variety of gingerbread stories for Family Library Night.  It was on its way out and by 7 PM it left me.

I just finished reading All the Broken Pieces by Ann Burg. It’s a CYBILS finalist for MG fiction.  A very moving story about a refugee Vietnamese boy, born a bui doi, the dust of life, the son of an American GI and Vietnamese mother during the Vietnam War.

The book written in free verse; a format that interests me.  It’s a powerful book. As I read it I was also thinking of the book, Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy which some of my fifth graders are reading for their book club.  A different war and circumstances but the possibilities for text connections are strong.

Which leads me to a new venture. I am working with the second round of books for fifth graders who are strong readers.  These are the ones that have passed the state test and need a challenged. 

We are currently reading some of the reader’s choice nominees.  And hopefully, I am going to get them blogging about books. We will start with comments today but I am hoping to have them be guest bloggers. 

Our district recently set up a site that should allow for commenting in the safety net of  a more closed network community. Not sure how it will work but their site is Fifth Grade Book Club.

I am trying to get a bunch of the CYBILS MG fiction finalists read, the book club books: Skullduggery Pleasant, The Candy Shop War, and The Thief Lord read.  It’s gonna be a busy weekend.

Happy Reading.