Non-Fiction Monday: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Tuesday is the 106th anniversary of the birth of Ted Geisel, AKA Dr. Seuss.  I grew up on the books. Each year I read from Yertle the Turtle and The Cat in the Hat, books given to me on my 6th and 7th birthdays by my aunt. Her mentoring my love of reading (as well as my grandmother) is why I am a library media specialist today.

Our school goes all out with the birthday cake at Family Library Night.  I have guess speakers coming in to read to students. 

For the younger crowd, I use the following biography Dr. Seuss (Rookie Biographies) by Dana Meachem Raeu with students to inform them about the life of Dr. Seuss.  I think it’s so cool that he revolutionized the world of children’s reading in the late 50’s with a simple silly cat story.  Students discover that he changed his name to Dr. Seuss so it would sound more important.  This little biography is one that even beginning readers can access.  Simple text with an index and word pronunciation chart.

I like to share my copy of  The Secret Art of Dr. Suess by Theodore Geisel to the older students. Well, I share some of his other work with care as Dr. Seuss had a very adult side of him which shows up in much of his art outside the world of children’s books.  On of my favorites is Pink-Tufted Small Beast in Night Landscape (1960) which is very much like an MC Escher print.  With the other students we have a terrific video to share as well which speaks to his years as a film maker.  Did you know he won an Oscar for a documentary in 1947?  He also was a cartoonist and artist for advertising. 

There are some interesting websites about Ted Geisel:
A National Memorial Sculpture Garden and information HERE

Dr. Seuss art can be found HERE (There used to be a gallery on the Oregon coast).

I have been thinking a lot about authors who impacted the world of children’s literature lately. Thinking about when I was a young reader and how there weren’t the choices that students have today. (especially in the area of YA, you went straight to the classics!)  I am thank you for Yertle, Mack and the Cat in the Hat and the man who created them.

Shirley at Simply Science is hosting Nonfiction Monday.  Thank, Shirley.

Happy REading.