Poetry Friday: Exploring the Limerick

Don’t expect me to publish a chapbook of limericks anytime soon.  But the Poetry Stretch Challenge was to write limericks.  Here are mine.

Can you tell spring break starts after school today?

Students were awaiting spring break
Hoping the rain was really fake
They laughed loud in the halls
And danced up the walls
as the playground became a lake

Staff members were very gleeful
passing of time rather mournful
Seven hours ’til spring break
needed time to escape
return relaxed and more playful

Cynthia Reeg has some helpful tips about writing a limerick HERE.

Seven days until the beginning of NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! Here’s what I am doing to celebrate!

Thirty Days, Thirty Students, Thirty Poems

 I will post a student poem per day.


Would you like an original poem delivered to your mailbox instead of a bill? 

 Email me your address at macrush53 at yahoo dot com

 I will send you an original student written poem. Students will not have access to your personal information.  You can see who is participating and where HERE.

Poetry Friday is at Julie Larios’ blog, The Drift Record.

Happy Friday. Spring Break is almost here. Yippee!