Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 30

Really? Is it the last day in April? It flew by.  Here is Tessia with her poem on stars.


They twinkle

In the sky

They are a weird shape

Think in your mind and make a wish.


Tessia H., K

The rest of the Poetry Postcards have been sent. I hope everyone gets them! One of them made it to England despite the volcano madness.  Here’s the post.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Mary Ann at Great Kid Books.

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Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 28

Do you remember what it was like to swing?  It is one of the fun things I do with my grandgirls. Karie likes it too.

Going high
Touch the sky
Flying, going high, wee, yay!
I am swinging with my little friend and brother.

 Karie T., K

Happy Reading.


Non-fiction Monday: Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher will be at our school in May to talk to students and work with teachers. Squee!

I am reading Marshfield Dreams: When I Was a Kid, a memoir about his childhood.  Can you imagine being told by classmates that your mom was having another kid?  That happened to him.  I love how he describes learning about wild mushrooms: “Mom said to think of them as strangers–some are good, some are bad, and since you couldn’t tell the difference it was best to leave them alone.”

This is a book that kids will read and make connections.  It is a book that teachers can use as a mentor text.

Another book by Fletcher that I am sharing with students is  A Writer’s Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You.  It details ideas and suggestions for any young writer who wants to keep a notebook.  Last week I had a great discussion with third graders on how Fletcher  hooked you into reading by describing an interesting ditch and what he found in the ditch and then leaping into a comparison of the ditch to a writer’s notebook.  He has also included guest chapters about notebooks. One of them is one of my favorite poets, Naomi Shihab Nye.

I AM hosting the Nonfiction Monday.  If you have read other posts of mine you may be aware that my district wants to change my job significantly ( no more teaching but in two schools) so my brain has been on other things. Apologies.

Today at Lori Calabrese Writes!, there’s a review of She Sang Promise.

Shelf Employed features Argh! Check out Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship. Fascinating. 

At  The Cat & The Fiddle, Michelle M. has an interview with Edward Einhorn, author of the math book A Very Improbable Story (a mixture of probability and magic)

Bookends is celebrating the last week of National Poetry Month with a post for Losing Season, an adult poetry collection/verse novel by Jack Ridl, which has teen appeal.

Simply Science has Dinosaurs Eye to Eye for all the dinosaur lovers.Jennie reviews  Heroes of the Environment.

Read about Global Warming, by Seymour Simon  at Charlotte’s Library .

Ooh, Becky has a favorite of mine,  a review of Wangari’s Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter.
Tricia at Miss Rumphius is sharing  a review of Smart-Opedia.
Roberta gushed on and on about The Field Guide to Insects: Explore the Cloud Forests by Paul Beck today at Wrapped in Foil .
Lost Between the Pages reviewed Julius Caesar by Ellen Galford.
Leave you link in the comments and I will work on updating throughout the day.

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Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 26

This week I am featuring the Fibonacci poemes (using word count for the Finbonacci sequence) written by the students in
Mrs. Magistale’s K class:


Me, Sister

We flip, jump

Laugh, bounce, jump high, play

It is fun, after: hungry, lay down, watch T.V.

 ~India N., K


Happy Reading. 


Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 24


A Great Day

Cars are coming and going

I know the day is starting

With the sun in the sky

With its cloud friends

The birds are chirping

I am getting ready for school when the church bell rings I hop on the bus

I know today is going to be a great day

By: Larisa Z.


How can you not have a great day after reading this?

Happy Reading.


Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 23

For Poetry Friday.  Love this one from Alyx on Phillis Wheatley


Phillis Wheatley


Famous woman

Kidnapped and sold

Learned reading and writing

Got freed and was no longer a slave


By Alyx H. 4th grade


Visit Anastasia at Picture Book of the Day for Poetry Friday.

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Ms Mac