Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems

Welcome to April. 

I want to kick off  my feature of  “Thirty Days, Thirty Students, Thirty Poems”  with one about Poseidon. 

The student in this particular third grade class at my school is caught up in the The Lightning Thief series.  It led him down the path to student Greek Mythology along with his buddies.


The water is controlled by my favorite god.

A god controlling water?

Now that’s just plain odd.

And he makes horses too.

A god making horses?

That’s just crazy.

And now I have proved to you that my favorite god is not lazy.

He can make his waters go as fast as a flowing stream,

so fast that if you fell in it would be scary to scream.

And when he’s angry he can make,

a big large and scary earthquake.

Did I mention he’s the king of fish too.

With big fins

With the name of Poseidon. (Po-si-dun)

-Ryan, 3rd grade

Welcome to National Poetry Month.

Happy Reading.