Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems~Day Seven

So today I went into a kindergarten class to introduce the Fibonacci poem form(we used words instead of syllables). The teacher and I worked on this last year for National Poetry Month and the poems were fun, fun, fun. 

I shared about the mathematician, Fibonacci and then we brainstormed some ideas about the topic of school.  After that we wrote two class poems.

From Mrs. Magistrale’s  Kinder Class:


really good

I like P.E.

I like playing tether ball

monkey bars, lunch, free choice, play outside, fun



free choice

writing in journals

I like doing word study

I like when Mrs. M. reads us books.


Great job, kinders!  Look out for their own writing soon!

Happy Reading.


3 thoughts on “Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems~Day Seven

  1. Mary Lee, we used word count instead of syllable count with the kinders. The poems were fun to do but I agree counting syllables with the K, not so much. Can’t wait to see what they came up with on their own.

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