Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 30

Really? Is it the last day in April? It flew by.  Here is Tessia with her poem on stars.


They twinkle

In the sky

They are a weird shape

Think in your mind and make a wish.


Tessia H., K

The rest of the Poetry Postcards have been sent. I hope everyone gets them! One of them made it to England despite the volcano madness.  Here’s the post.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Mary Ann at Great Kid Books.

Happy Reading.


One thought on “Thirty Days~Thirty Students~Thirty Poems: Day 30

  1. I have really enjoyed reading all the poems you’ve posted this month – and I too am so glad my own special poem arrived within Poetry Month. Thank you to all the poets and to you for putting together such a lovely project.

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