Poetry Friday: More Kindergarten Fibonacci Poems

During National Poetry Month I taught the fibonacci poem form to kindergarteners.  I posted some last week and here are the rest for Poetry  Friday.  Mrs.Magistrale and I adapted the form, using words instead of syllables to make it sucessful for them.

Play station

Bradley, Me

Kung Fu Panda

I like football and racing

We play video games in the family room.

 ~Braxton B.



Flowers grow

Grow into trees

They grow taller and taller

They need soil and water and sunlight.

 ~Reece N.



Different sizes

Sun, water, grow

Red, orange, blue, yellow, purple

Favorite flower is a little red rose.

 ~Kailey C.



Rain drops

Snap, splash, splat

Polka dots green and brown

Rainy days are yucky and muddy and gross.

 ~Piper H.



My family

We ride motorcycles

I love my family a lot

My mom is going out to her parents

 ~Bryce H.



With friends

We play outside

I can swing myself high

My best friend plays soccer and see saw.

 ~Dylan S.


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