Poetry Friday: Student Poems on My Desk



Above from Colton, 3rd grade. 

Camrin, 4th grader, dropped these by desk:

sun blazes through the
kingdom  tall rocky mountains
people come and go


mountains some big some
small trees glare off the water
relaxation grows.

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Happy Reading.



2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Student Poems on My Desk

  1. Dear Ms. Mac,

    Thank you for sharing these student poems. What a treat.

    Colton’s snail poem is adorable to look at and such fun to read. The way he used so many ‘s’ sounds makes it even sound slippery! The antennae are neat too, and I do agree that snails, while cute, are kind of weird!

    Camrin’s haiku completely put me in a summer frame of mind. The calm words and nature images made my own “relaxation grow”. I am wondering if she meant for these two haiku to go together, for the last lines of each are a near-rhyme.

    Thank you again!

    Happy Poetry Friday!


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