48HBC: Check-in Sunday Afternoon

Well, I have finished Diamond Willow by Helen Frost and 42 Miles by Traci Vaughn Zimmer.  Both written in poetry form; Diamond Willow has diamond shaped poems and  Zimmer’s book is free verse.  Both about adolescent girls but the characters live very different lives. 

Diamond Willow takes place in the interior of Alaska.  Besides the story of a girl and her dog, the character’s part-Athabascan heritage is interspersed through out the story through the use of her animal ancestors telling the story (there are prose vignettes).  It is a wonderful story that I couldn’t put down.

42 Miles takes place in Ohio.  Told in free verse, readers come to understand the two lives that JoEllen leads as she spends the week in the city with her mom and weekends in the country with her dad.  I think it would be fun to read these two books together for a book study.

Back to reading.  Next up is Ellie McDoodle: New Kid in School by Ruth McNally Barshaw.

Happy Reading.