48HRC: Saturday

For the first time in weeks, the sun made an appearance to awake the northwest from its rain drenched slumber. 

So I was able to do the planned weeding ( helped by the fact that my husband had sprayed the weeks  the last time there was sun).  I thinned and moved some crocosmia from the side to the front yard.  It has bloomed where its been planted and I am hoping it will like the new location as well.  Was also able to get the perennial purchased in April into the ground, finally!

In order to get to out of dodge on June 17, I have to put in seven hours outside of school to make-up and extra day.  So off to school I went (throughly wishing I had a book on tape in th car, grrr).  At school I listened to Karen Hesse’s The Music of Dolphins as I worked on grading the fifth grade tech projects. It is haunting.  I kept  thinking about Karena in Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Attended the bargaining meeting and while we are not done bargaining, the sections for the library media specialists remain. We are teaching. Now I have to figure  out how to keep the hour block at 5th grade and hopefully add fourth grade.

So after a nap, dinner, and DQ (Dairy Queen) for dessert, I returned to reading. The books I am reading this weekend are from the Washington State Reader’s Choice Award, The Sasquatch Award.  Getting the books read now gives me time to think about how to promote them and which ones teachers should read aloud.

  Finished The Lemonade War by Jaqueline Davies.  I liked it and  think kids will relate to the story.  Sibling rivalry, competition, and boys vs girls, what’s not to like?

Read and finished A Friendship for Today by Patricia McKissack.  This is one for teachers to read aloud.  In the end, McKissack reveals it is based on her childhood.  I think that it might be a good one for a book study as well.  I don’t know that my students will gobble it up when given the choice.

So today, other than church and a bit of groceries shopping, I am reading, reading, reading until 7 PM.  I should be able to get 8 hours in and hopefully get through the remaining 7 books I selected for the weekend.

Happy Reading.


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  1. I need to move some of my crocosmia too–but since it’s already growing in the one perfect place for crocosmia, I’ve been putting this off….

    I hope your reading goes well this afternoon!

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