Who’s Reading What Wednesday

I was on the road on Monday so I could not blog about a nonfiction book.  But I have been reading.  On the way home I finished Leepike Ridge by N.D. Wilson( started the Sunday night of June 6 and then set aside with the end of school craziness).  It was refreshing to read a book which I believe will have big appeal for the boys reading the reader choice books(the WA Sasquatch Award).  As I mentioned in this post, the list appears to be girl MC heavy this year.

Imagine that your dad has died, your mother is being pursued by a suitor which you don’t care for at all. Imagine that you live in the woods on the edge of a ridge and river.  Thus begins the story of Leepike Ridge.  When 11-year-old Thomas Hammond falls into the river and is swept underground, he discovers a big mystery that will change his life.

Another reader choice book (YRCA) is Swindle by Gordon Korman.  I always love the Korman books.  This is no exception.  Anytime a rare missing baseball card and a group of kids are involved, there is adventure.  This book will speak to the boys.  I am thinking of a couple I had in fifth grade book club.  When two boys find a Babe Ruth card in an old building that is being wrecked, they soon learn how easily you can be swindled.  From there plans and plots ensue to get the card back. Exciting and unpredictable the book kept me from thinking about the long day in the car on Monday. 

What are you reading?

Happy Reading.