Non-Fiction Monday: Frankie the Walk n’ Roll Dog

This is a two-for-one post today, featuring both books by Barbara Gail Techel.  I received an email in June from Barbara asking if I would like review copies of these two books.  I haven’t responded to many requests such as this but because I own two dachshunds, I couldn’t say no.

The first, Frankie, the Walk ‘n Roll Dog introduces Frankie and her family to readers.  It is told from the point of view of Frankie (she even has her own blog).  Frankie was living a happy life with Barbara and husband, when at age 6, she developed a ruptured disc.  This left her paralyzed. Through research on the Internet, Barbara discovered a place: and was able to fit Frankie with a wheelchair cart.  Frankie was then able to continue on with her life after adapting to the cart.  As She goes with Barbara, others are able to see how she overcomes her obstacle.

This is an inspirational story that I believe will touch the hearts of many, especially animal lovers.  It provides a message of hope and not  giving up on challenges.  It won the 2008 Best Books Award from USA  Book News and was a finalist in the Indies Excellence Award.

In her second book, Frankie, The Walk n’ Roll Dog Visits Libby’s House,  is about how Frankie became a therapy dog at an assistive living place where many of the residents have memory problems.  After passing the tests to become a therapy dog, Frankie and Barbara visit Libby’s House. They discover the many activities planned for the seniors living there, discovered how short memories play out, particularly poignant is seeing that Eva, a resident, has made a Halloween costume for her adult son.  I commend Techel for not shying away from death in this book (which happens to one of the residents that Frankie likes).

The second book would be an excellent choice to read to students.  There is so much to discuss: the elderly, service to others,  overcoming shortcomings.  I am always in search of compassionate, inspirational stories to read.

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