Who’s Reading What Wednesday, Part Two

Originally I was going to do one post and feature two books.  Then I sat down to do so.  Good idea, not so easy to implement.  One is a review of a book for the school library and this second is because I love to read the YA books (if I could, I would consider a middle school library).

So the second book which arrived in the mail recently was Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala, debut author.  Another book that I could not put down. 

What if your older sister died?
What if you lived with a religious, domineering mother and absentee father?
What if you had aspirations to attend a prestigious art school?
What if you dumped your childhood best friend to be friends with the popular -wild-new-girl in highschool?
What if you spent the summer teaching crafts at church camp?
What if you found out you were pregnant and didn’t want to believe it?
What are your family secrets?

Those are all questions facing Miranda AKA Mandy AKA Rand as she begins her senior year.  And the answers to those questions lead her on a quest of self-discovery and redemption.  From page one, readers will be taken on a wild ride of teen-age angst and hope.  After all, “faith manages.” One of my favorite quotes.

Cupala’s characters are memorable in this story.  From the wickedly wild Delaney who reminds Miranda of her dead sister, Xanda to Essence (love this character name), Miranda’s best friend who suffers betrayal from her.  Kamran, the boyfriend, who is serious and intellectual and gullible in the way he is played by Delaney.  High school is a long ways in the rear view mirror but you know what?  These people also attended my high school.

The book is an intense read with such valleys and peaks of secrets and expectations.  How did it end?  Cupala doesn’t disappoint.  Her words keep us at the edge of our seat.

Of course, you won’t find it in my library but I hope readers will find it in either their middles school or high school library.

Happy Reading.