Poetry Friday: “Learning in the First Grade”

The school year has just begun and it always reminds me of such promise and hope. But last week, when I was searching for a poem I discovered this one in Let Evening Come by Jane Kenyon and it gave me pause.

Learning in the First Grade 

“The cup is red. The drop of rain
is blue. The clam is brown.”

So said the sheet of exercises–
purple mimeos, still heady
from the fluid in the rolling
silver drum. But the cup was

not red. It was white,
or had no color of its own.

Oh, but my mind was finical.
It put the teacher perpetually
in the wrong. Called on, however,
I said aloud: “The cup is red.”

“But it’s not,” I thought,
like Galileo Galilei
muttering under his beard….

It reminded me how the words we say and the things we do with students has impact at an early age.  And I love the word “finical”.

Susan Taylor Brown has Poetry Friday round-up HERE.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Happy Reading.