Poetry Friday: Thinking About Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the 9 year anniversary of our greatest tragedy of the past decade as a nation; the destruction fo the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania.  Do you remember where you were? Do you remember seeing what played out on the television?

It’s a time of remembrance and reflection.  I thought about the collection of poems gathered by Naomi Shihab Nye in This Same Sky.  Poems from around the world. Broken up into the following sections, it’s one of my favorites that has been edited by Nye:

WORDS AND SILENCES  “Sawdust under the Sun”
DREAMS AND DREAMERS “Eyes the Color of Sky”
FAMILIES ” They First Typing
THIS EARTH AND SKY IN WHICH WE LIVE “Water That Used to Be a Cloud”
LOSSES “Kissed Trees”
HUMAN MYSTERIES “White Bracelets”

A reader can go to any section and find a poem appropriate for tomorrow’s solemn anniversary.

I found one on page 124, “Under This Sky” by Zia Hyder, Bangladesh, translated by Bhabani Sengupt and Naomis Shihab Nye.  It’s a small excerpt.

There’s an enormous comfort knowing
we all live under the same sky,
whether in New or Dhaka,
we see the same sun and same moon…

The rest of the poem can be found in the book and I urge you get a copy either by buying or seeing if your local library has it. 

I hope tomorrow will be a time of reflection for what we lost on September 11, 2001 and what has grown out of its ashes. 

Poetry Friday is hosted by none other than Anastasia at Picture Book of the Day. Thank you, Anastasia

Be thinking of which books you will nominated for this year’s CYBILS awards.  Nominations open on October 1st.

Happy Reading.