NonFiction Monday: Looking Closely in the Rain Forest

Frank Serafini has added another book to his “Look Closely in the…” series. This time it’s the rainforest.   His stunning photos open our imaginative brains to the possibilities of ideas by providing first a circular photo close-up with the answer and information on the following pages.

From red-eyed frogs, banana plants to zebra tarantulas, readers will get lost in trying to guess the close-ups.   The close-up pages include playful text to help the reader guess and imagine the possibilities:
“look very Closely.  What do you see? A pinata? A parachute? What could it be?”

Turn the page  and you will see a beautiful scarlet macaw.  Interesting details about this colorful bird is given; that it lives in the canopy of the rain forest, travel in pairs or groups and they can be noisy.

As a photographer, I appreciate the amount of work and time that was put into this book.  In the author’s note at the end of the book Serafini states that his goal is to get young people to attend to nature, appreciate what it has to offer, and think about protecting our environment.

In a time, when kids don’t go outside as much, this book is a great stepping stone to ask kids what they wonder about in nature in their own backyard.

Title: Looking Closely in the Rain Forest
Author: Frank Serafini
Illustrator: Frank Serafini
Date Published: 2010
Pages: 40
Reading Level: All Ages
Publisher: Kids Can Press
ISBN: 978-1553375432
Source of Book: Copy from the publisher

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