Nonfiction Monday: The Extraordinary Mark Twain According to Suzy

“This is a frank biographer and an honest one; she uses no sandpaper on me.” – Mark Twain on his daughter’s biography.

In The Extraordinary Mark Twain According to Suzy by Barbara Kerley, readers are treated to primary source passages from daughter, Suzy Twain’s own journal.  At 13, she was her dad’s secret biographer.  She worked on the biography from the spring of 1885 through the summer of 1886.

Suzy wanted to write  “a portrait of the funny, serious, absent-minded, cat-loving, billiard-playing, philosophical papa-the extraordinary Mark Twain.” Kerley has captured the voice of Suzy through extensive research of her journal and diary as well as some of the writings of Mark Twain.  The original biography from his daughter was one of Mark Twain’s treasured possessions.

How Kerley presents the story of Mark Twain’s daughter writing a biography is original.  The text features extensive quotes.  The artwork complements the text and has a style that takes us back in time a bit.  This book will be a great mentor text for writing biographies.

Kerley has provided extensive documentation, timeline, and sources.  There is terrific resource for young readers interested in writing their own biography.

This is a CYBILS nominated book, one of 110 titles in our category this year.

I am so late for Nonfiction Monday.  It was hosted by Sherri at Write About Now.  thanks, Sherri.

Happy Reading.