Bridget Zinn Auction: Season of Love and Hope

The auction to help Bridget Zinn YA librarian and author (book to be out in 2012) extraordinaire is up and running. 

There’s been a generous outpouring from people with auction offerings like:This 13″ x 19″ canvas art print is a reproduction of the mixed-media painting Jim DiBartolo did for Laini’s novel LIPS TOUCH. The publisher ultimately chose a different approach for the final cover, but both Laini and Jim  really like what’s conveyed in this piece as well.
A signed copy of the novel will be included.

             A signed copy of It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder.

Highest bidder wins an autographed copy of THIS TREE COUNTS! and 10 trees will be planted in your name. Not only that, 10 trees will be planted in Bridget’s name, too, through American
Help Bridget Kick Cancer and plant 20 trees!

            The auction  will conclude at 7:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Central on Saturday, December 4th.

  • To bid on items, visit the auction site at and follow the instructions for bidding.
  • The action ID is: bridgetkicks 
  • The password is: cancer
  • Winners will be notified by Sunday, December 5th, and will be sent instructions for payment at that time.
  • As soon as payment is received, donors will ship or otherwise provide the item won to the winning bidder. 
    If anyone has questions or needs assistance, they can email

Bid often and have fun.