Poetry Friday: In Celebration of William Stafford

Throughout much of Portland this month, there will be reading celebrations to honor and remember William Stafford who was born in January 17, 1914.  He was a gifted person and left us with so many written treasures.  This month I will feature different poems written by him.  I am constantly stumbling upon ones that wake me up. 

The following if from his book, An Oregon Message.

Say You Are Lonely

More still than a star, one thought shies
by: what if the sky loved you?
But nobody knew? But that magnet in space
pulled hard? But you acted like nothing at all
was reaching or calling for you? More still
than a star going by, that thought stays.
A day at a time pieces of it glow.
Nobody notices: quiet days.

Will you notice the quiet days?

Poetry Friday is hosted by Irene at Live. Love. Explore.  Feast your eyes on poetry and spend a quiet day reading them.

Happy Reading.



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