Friday Poetry: Winter Haiku by Mrs. Tewinkel’s Class

I walked by this second grade class room the other day and knew that I had to feature them this week. 
This is a second grade class. Mrs. Tewinkel, their teacher, understands the art and writing connection. 
The haikus are on a crayon/watercolor resist. 

If you click on the photo, you can read the poems better.  Here are two:

snowball fight today
snowflakes falling everywhere
I’m at the mountain

wind is very strong
birds fly south for winter
frozen ponds are cool

Dori at Dori Reads is collecting all the poetry this week. Thanks, Dori.  Can’t wait to see what others have posted.

Happy Friday.

Happy Reading.


3 thoughts on “Friday Poetry: Winter Haiku by Mrs. Tewinkel’s Class

  1. i love the declaration “i am the mountain.” i could see a kid standing atop a snow bank and making that announcement just before being pelted by snow.

    nice also to find i can still appreciate the snow despite four storms so far (and three on the horizon for the coming week) this season.

    thanks for sharing these.

  2. These poems and paintings are all so beautiful! Between the snowball fights, the cocoa, the snowmen, and those birds loving “their warm home,” I am more appreciative of winter for having visited here today. Thank you to you, to Mrs. Tewinke, and to the young writers who warmed up my soul this morning! A.

  3. So much to love here (like the around-the corner display). We need to take time to make sure students get the chance to do beautiful work and have it displayed. State tests be buggered for a few hours!

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