Nonfiction Monday: Ten Birds By Cybele Young

Do you like counting books or books that you can spent hours lingering over the illustrations?  If you do, then you are in luck.  Ten Birds by Cybele Young is just  that book.  Her intricate pen and ink illustrations tells the story of ten birds who are trying to find a way to get to the other side of the river.

From “Brilliant” to “Needs Improvement”, each bird finds a unique way to cross the river.  Is one idea better than another or is there a lesson to be learned from this fable?  Readers can ponder inventions, what’s common sense, and why labels don’t work. It’s also great for developing number sense.

Young has created a book that will fascinate readers of all ages.  Her baby daughter’s antics inspired the tale fifteen years ago.  Cybele Young’s work can be found in several galleries:

Edward Day Gallery


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Happy Reading.