Poetry Friday: Student Fibonacci Poems

Some Silver Star classes are embracing the Fibonacci poem form in preparation for National Poetry Month (which starts next Friday).  The class read Growing Patterns by Sarah Campbell. (Reviewed HERE).  Then they wrote their own poems using words in the pattern. They also saved their work and transferred it to my drop box. Thank you  technology for making it easy to put them on the blog.

Here’s a sneak peek from Mr. Yates’  fourth grade class:


Summer air
Sun is shining
Swimming pool water is cold
The sun is shining a little tiny sparkle
The beautiful tree’s are green and puffy I feel the soft little leafs.

 Darya P., 4th grade

Big waves
Surf o waves
Sea shells on the beach
Colorful flowers red, green, yellow, purple shiny shells.

 By: Malaika 4th grade


Poetry Friday is being held at A Year of Reading.  Thanks, Mary Lee!

Happy Friday

Happy Reading.


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