30 Days= 30 Students

Darya has a very playful take on a list poem about numbers.  She’s a fourth grader in Mr. Yates room.

Math Numbers

Math numbers
When you look away
Numbers talk sometimes
5 says to 2 you are a copy-catter you’re just like me but upside-down.
1 says I’m the best  I’m first

Math numbers
0 is a cry baby it doesn’t want to be
0 it wants to be 100

Math numbers
10 says I’m bigger than 1
I’m 1 and 0

Math numbers
6 says I’m strong
3 says I’m lucky

Math numbers
When you turn to the numbers again
You add 5+2
You turn around
5 and 2 are even madder
5 says you made me 7
7 is really mean
2 says you made me odd
I don’t like being odd

Math numbers
7 says I’m royalty
Everyone knows
So you better stop arguing

Math numbers
9 says I’m always angry at everyone
4 says I’m 2+2  2 is cool
I like 2 a lot
Math numbers

                                                              -darya4th grade