Poetry Friday: First Grade Poetry

Part of my duties as a teacher-librarian is to cover two overload classes at another school.  This year I have two first grade classes.  We have been working on animal poems  following a reading of  Nest, Nook, and Cranny by Susan Blackaby.


 Big tail
Eats lots of grass
Makes a tapping sound
Runs fast




 Big wings, flapping wings
They’re around waiting, eating
Bugs on the ground




 Paws, claws
Pounces and bounces
Searching for mice, fish, and birds
To pounce on
Cute and cuddly to owners




 Big mouth
Slither on ground
Searching for meat and mice




 Swims fast swim, swim, swim
Swim fish like bubbles, bubbles
Bubbles so they can pop them
They like to pop them
A lot
They love the sea.




 Eats bugs.
They can’t climb trees
They are slow.
They are very, very, very
Slimy and wet


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Happy Friday.

Happy Reading.


One thought on “Poetry Friday: First Grade Poetry

  1. Oh, all of these animal poems have me thinking about how spring is turning to summer all around us! These are so full of life and movement and action. I love imagining fish popping bubbles! A.

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