Nonfiction Monday: Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story


Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story by Linda Glaser is packed with facts in a story like narrative.  The opening line:
“Hello mama dragonfly.  You dip down to the water and lay a clutch of eggs.” 

The book leads readers from the hatching of eggs to life as a nymph wondering when the wings will arrive.  As the nymph matures, it leaves the water to molt one last time with wings.  Readers find out the many ways that dragonflies move and what they eat.  The book ends with the “sparking of new life” and a new mama dragonfly leaving a new clutch of eggs. The cycle of life complete.

The water color collage illustrations by Mia Posada enhance the text beautifully by including details. The appendix includes a “FAQ” section about dragonflies, a resource of websites, and illustrations which identify dragon flies.

I recently used this book with first graders.  They are in the midst of an insect unit and have had several different insects in their rooms to observe.  I asked the question: “What do you know about dragonflies?” and we made a list.  Then explaining that readers read for information to answer questions and expand their knowledge, we read the book. Throughout the reading I stopped to ask what new information we could add.  It was a great lesson. Students were engaged by making comments that connected their classroom studies with the book.

Title: Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story
Author: Linda Glaser
Photographer: Mia Posada
Date Published: 2007
Pages: 32
Reading Level: K-3
Publisher:Lerner Publications
ISBN: 978-0-8225-6753-0
Source of Book: In library collection

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