Book Talk Tuesday: Our Only May Amelia

Just finished listening to Our Only May Amelia by Jennifer Holm.  It was her debut novel in 2001 and was selected as a Newbery Honor book. 

May Amelia is the youngest child and only girl of Finnish immigrants living in southwest Washington in 1899.  The setting encompasses the Nasel River and Astoria, Oregon.  May Amelia has seven older brothers whom she’s always chasing after.  She’s an adventure seeker and wants nothing to do in becoming a “Proper Young Lady.” 

Holm weaves in plenty of adventures for May Amelia.  From being in the river when the logs are released upstream to seeking out the healing services of a Chinook wife to investigating the wild town of Astoria, readers will be engaged and wondering what May Amelia will do next.

There’s  danger, heartbreak, and laughter throughout the book.

Again, Holm has drawn on the stories of her relatives who lived in the area at the turn of the century. 

I suggested it to third and fourth grade teachers as a great read aloud.

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Happy Reading.