The Finish Line of the 48 Hour Reading Challenge

I finished my 48 hours at  8 PM this evening.  And I’m engrossed in the final book ,The Mermaid’s Mirror, (not one of the reader’s choice nominations).

Total Hours: 19.5 hours (combined reading and book activities)
Total Pages: 1373 pages
Books read: 7 books
2012 Reader Choice Nominations

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School and Other Scary Things by Look Lenore
Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day by Meg Cabot
11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass
Lost and Found by Andrew Clements
Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise

Finished Second Fiddle by Rosanne Parry
Read to page 212 of  The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K.Madigan

I have some pledges to collect for  Friends of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC) as well as my own donation. 

I loved this weekend. I loved the comments and the silver pom poms of those encouraging me to read on. My eyes are tired. Thanks to Pam, AKA Mother Reader for arranging this weekend.

Happy Reading.


Now Up to 11 Hours

Yesterday was a glorious day to read.  I sat outside as much as I could to read. It was interrupted with committments, two of which had reading attached to them.

I read and finished:

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School and Other Scary Things

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day

Both of these books are on the reader’s choice lists for 2012.  I like this weekend to get these read. These two books will appeal to many readers and I thought it interesting that they both had “rules”.

I finished Rosanne Parry’s Second Fiddle last night.  What a great read and the pace is different from Heart of a Shepherd which Ialso loved.  It’s been fun to read her books side by side.

I began 11 Birthdays, another reader’s choice last night and will continue on my list.

My dinner with my adult book club talked about reading The Book Thief (forever on my list) and other potentials for the coming year. We decided to read Team of Rivals this summer to discuss in August.

Totally fun day.

Happy Reading.