Nonfiction Monday: I Like Vegetables

In honor of my great-nephew who turned one on July 1, I am featuring part of his birthday present.  It’s a board book on vegetables by Lorena Siminovich, I Like Vegetables.

My niece, great-nephew, my husband and I went to a local produce farm on Friday.  My niece needed food for today’s birthday celebration.  As she said, “the processed food at birthday parties must stop somewhere.”  She’s a smart woman.

Later in the day, I found Siminovich’s concept board book on opposites with vegetables.  It’s bold and colorful illustrations will capture the 0ne to three set.  An added feature is its different textures. For example, the peas have cut outs with a green satiny fabric to represent them.  Peas generally feel smooth. On the other hand, the carrots have bumpiness to them.

Learning about carrots, peas, corn, and pumpkins along with the concepts of  short, tall, inside, outside, tall, short, and big, small is sure to be great fun with small ones.  I think my great-nephew will agree.  I will know after the party today.

Bookmuse is hosting Nonfiction Monday.  I am hoping to post next week as well as I am travelling.  Hence the spotty blog posts.

Happy Reading.


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