Nonfiction Monday: Human Footprint

Put a shoe on my foot and you’re putting a size 10 on my dogs.  But have you wondered what the human footprint is for everything you will use, eat, wear, buy and throw out in a lifetime?

National Geographic Kids wants us to know in their new title: Human Footprint: Everything You Will Eat, Wear, Buy and Throw Out in Your Lifetime by Ellen Kirk.

This book features loads of interesting facts and tips to decrease the human footprint in easy to read text and fabulous photos.  Kirk is clear in her statement that the photos are not doctored, they represent the numbers,

The sections are divided into topics that are sure to grab you attention: diapers, candy bars, showers, milk, and clothes to name a few. Each section gives a fact on how much is used furthering explaining the impact on the environment to produce the item.

Did you know? This is for the average American who lives 77.75 years.

You will munch through 12 shopping carts of candy bars in your lifetime. 

You will drink an average of 43,371 cans of soda over a lifetime.  On page 20 there’s a great photo to illustrate this fact.

It takes one half pint of crude oil to make the plastic lining for a disposable diaper, thus 1,898 pints are used per baby.

You will spend $52,972 in clothing and you will toss out 68 pounds of clothes.

This is a great book to have in the classroom, school library and home.  I see the possibilities for further science experiments. It is sure to interest readers al around.

Nonfiction Monday Round-up is at Chapter Book of the Day by Anastasia Suen.  Thanks!

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