Nonfiction Monday: Vacation Mode

Hi. I’m on vacation,can you tell? Between the two trips to the east coast to say good-bye to my aunt and follow up with her family matters, our own vacation road trip, and just getting the projects completed like my computer/writing room, this summer is flying by me.

I have been reading a couple of  great professional books this summer.  Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller is one that will be a staff read this coming school year.  An easy book to read, it’s chock full of ideas and strategies to hone the art of teaching.

What I love is that even with 37 years of teaching behind me, there are points for me to consider.  One of these is revisiwing my beliefs about teaching and learning.  How can I refine them?  How can I update to match the 21st century students?  It’s great to get inside the head of one of the most masterful education leaders we currently have.

Here are some other fabulous nonfiction books:

A biography of Maria Anna Mozart  at Wrapped in Foil.

Speaking of Art: Colorful Quotes by Famous Painters edited by Bob Raczka at Janet Squires.

African Animal Alphabet at NC Teachers Stuff.

SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING about Marie Curie at Rasco at RIF.

Dear Hot Dog by Mordicai Gerstein at Shelf Employed.

Elephants over at A Patchwork of Books.

This Tree Counts by Alison Formento at Simply Science.

Me . . . Jane and The Watcher about Jane Goodall at BookMuse

Sea Turtles by Laura Marsh at Geo Librarian.

Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride by Pam Munoz Ryan and Brian Selznick at Gathering Books

Not a Buzz to be Found: Insects in Winter at Nonfiction Detectives

Amelia Lost: The life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart by Candace Fleming at Jean Little Library

Happy Reading.  Enjoy!




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  1. Hi… sorry I’m so late… I realize you’re probably done for the day (or at least you should be :)) I checked too early this am and I didn’t see the Nonfiction Monday up yet and then … the day got away from me. But I still want you to know that I have linked to your site — you have a wonderful blog! Thanks, Jeanne

    Here’s my link on True Tales & A Cherry On Top about Fabulous! A Portrait of Andy Warhol

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