Book Talk Tuesday: A Need So Beautiful

I just finished reading a YA book, A Need So Beautiful by Portland author, Suzanne Young.  Are you looking for a paranormal book to take you away for a while?  This book is it.

We all want to make our mark in the world.  Who wants to be forgotten?

When Charlotte feels “the Need”, she must go.  She’s a Forgotten like an earth angel, helping strangers in need.  However, each time Charlotte assists someone, a piece of Charlotte transforms.  Eventually all of  the people who knew Charlotte will forget her.

Charlotte struggles to accept her fate.  Who wants to be forgotten?  She wants to help her boyfriend and best friend but the Need doesn’t take her there.  She can choose to fight and live in the dark forever.  But will she?

Young weaves a tight tale of love, the desire to be remembered, and the fight between good and evil.  It’s refreshing to have a paranormal that doesn’t involve vampires and werewolves.  As somebody read and re-read Wuthering Heights in high school (when the YA genre didn’t exist), I can see me in high school today reading and rereading A Need So Beautiful.  And the ending will make you wish the sequel was coming out next week. (You’ll have to wait until next summer).

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 Happy Reading.