Poetry Friday: Found Poem

Silver Falls Lodge

Last weekend I attended the SCBWI-OR Fall Writing Retreat.  It was productive, fun, and had several fantastic speakers which will be another post.  Today’s poem is from the last session by Suz Blackaby (author of Nest, Nook, and Cranny). She had  us write a found poem about our writing space:

My Writing Room

My great aunt’s aprons
hung on the
a book-case filled with
Robert Burns
Naomi Shihab Nye
William Stafford
a thesaurus
signed copies
Kachinas stand guard
protecting the words
photos for
my new computer
a comfy chair
an original print of a
girl under a tree
dark chocolate for the muse
a tea coaster
wind chimes beyond
the window to
bring the

My writing room has been my summer project.  While I am not ready to share photos, hopefully you can begin to see a picture in your mind.

More on the conference soon. Dave Elzey is hosting over at FOMAGRAMS

Only TWO DAYS left to nominate your favorite Poetry book of this year at the CYBILS.

Happy Reading.



6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Found Poem

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  2. Yes, I can “see”” your writing space! I love the wind chimes bringing the word. I need to de-clutter my room, give the word more space!

  3. I’m alway from home and I am really missing my ordinary writing space. It’s often a mess, but it works! I love the aprons in your description especially.

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