Nonfiction Monday: Swirl by Swirl

What do you love in nature?  Are you keen on spider webs in early morning dew, a spiral shell found on the beach, or the spirals found in the ocean or rivers?  If so, you will love, love, this Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Krommes.    

This new non-fiction book which was originally nominated in the Poetry category for the CYBILS.  Sadly, I had to move it to the NFPB category as it was a single poem.  Poetry is all about the poetry collections. Each page is a two page spread in which the words and wood-graving illustrations swirl in and out of each other.

It begins:

“A spiral is a snuggling shape.
It fits neatly
in small places.
Coiled tight,
warm and safe,
it waits….

The accompanied illustrations show a woodland scene both above and underground. Readers see the tight coils of the bull snake, the eastern chipmunk, and the woodchuck as the slumber in winter. The next pages show the animals as they have “a chance to expand.” by wakening for spring.

From ferns to ocean waves, underwater creatures to creatures of the jungle, readers will be engaged with both text and pictures for hours on end.  A bonus is that the flora and fauna are named discreetly with in the illustration.

The author and illustrator collaborated with one another and it shows.  The text and illustrations are seamless, working in concert with one another.   Additional information about spirals can be found at the end of the book including the Fibonacci spiral.

This book will be an excellent addition to any library.  It can be used on so many different levels from math to poetry to art. Even the copyright information is listed in a spiral.

Title: Swirl by Swirl
Author: Joyce Sidman
Illustrator: Beth Krommes
Date Published: 2011
Pages: unpaged
Reading Level: K-3
ISBN: 978-0-547-31583-6
Source:  Local Public Library

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Happy Reading.