Poetry Friday: November Poem A Day

Some writers are busy writing for either NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month). Then there are the poets who say it’s another opportunity for a poem a day. That’s what I am doing. It’s been quite the drought since June for writing except the work on my novel in verse. I have decided to get back into gear with the hopes that writing a poem a day in November will be welcome rain for the drought.

Here’s today’s attempt:

A ragged envelope
surfaced on the writing desk.
Once used as a coaster
evidenced by the pale brown
coffee stain.
Inside the letter
written by my mother
faded words stated,
“you deserved to be happy.”
I held it close
and whispered
“Yes, I do, yes I am.”

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Happy reading.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: November Poem A Day

  1. I love getting letters from my mom. Often she includes clippings from the hometown newspaper, coupons, and Boxtops for Education (which spill out of the envelope when I reach in for the letter). We also share notes on email and inside our Words With Friends game.

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