Nonfiction Monday: Underground

Underground Finding the Light to Freedom written and illustrated by Shane W. Evans is a story about a family’s  journey to freedom.  It’s nominated for the NFPB category for the CYBILS.  The text is deceptively simple.

For example:

The darkness.
The escape.
We are quiet.

The illustrations carry the weight of a fleeing family via the Underground Railroad, crawling to freedom and looking for the light of freedom.  This is a book for the youngest of readers as the combination of spare text and illustrations will make this topic accessible to them.  It will also work with older readers as well. 

The illustrations are subdued which provides a somber tone  until the very end when they reach freedom. 

The story of the Underground Railroad is a story of today as well.  There are men, women, and children who desire to escape their circumstances and find the light of freedom.  There is an afterward by the author.

Title: Underground Finding the Light to Freedom
Author: Shane W. Evans
Illustrator: Shane W. Evans
Published: 2011
Pages: unpaged
Reading Level: K-3
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 978-1-59643-538-4
Source:  From the local library

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