Nonfiction Monday: A Butterfly is Patient

A Butterfly is Patient by Dianna Hutts Aston is nominated in the NFPB for the CYBILS Award.  Each page is begins “A butterfly is…”  with factual information and stunning illustrations

Readers will discover  information such as how butterfly wings serve as protection, that many butterflies are poisonous, and that their wings are really made of tiny scales serving a variety of purposes. 

Sylvia Long, illustrator, creates exquisite watercolor illustrations that are detailed from butterfly eggs to caterpillars                                                 and finally the butterflies.  Readers will spend hours gazing at these detailed images. 

As I read this book, I thought about the time spent in the research of the book. Hundreds of species are shown.  The book is hand lettered by  illustrator.

Both Aston and Long have created a book that not only informative but wondrous. It will be a fabulous mentor text to use with students on how to write nonfiction that is fun to read while providing facts.

Title: A Butterfly is Patient
Author: Dianna Hutts Aston
Illustrator: Sylvia Long
Pages: unpaged
Reading Level: K-5
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 978-0-8118-6479-4
Source:  From the local library

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