Poetry Friday: Year End Wrap Up

I wanted to begin this post with: “And the CYBILS Poetry Finalists for 2011 are…” but I can’t until Sunday, January 1, 2012. Sorry, I am sworn to secrecy.

So instead I present a list poem of all my Poetry Friday poems throughout the year:

Poetry Friday 2011

Say you are lonely
saying a name
Turn over your hand

Snowball fight today
students’  Fibonacci
on imagination

life is short
spring and all

there’s a poem right there
hot summer air
celebrating student poetry

your heart is strong
I have picked up your pencil off the ground
Shift, space typing keys

Vowel bat
This is my first memory
first grade poetry

June arrives
Let evening come
bed in summer

A summer of
east coast trips
the words under the words

Road work ahead
in reverse
my writing room

After apple-picking
the haunted palace
a ragged envelope

I come from
only in death
there are many naughty children

Candle time

In doing this I discovered that August was a vacation month, NO Posts. Poetry Friday round-up is at The Drift Record by Julie Larios.

Happy New Year.  Check back on Sunday to see who the Cybils Poetry finalists are.

Happy reading.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Year End Wrap Up

  1. Can’t wait for that announcement to be made!! There have been so many wonderful poetry books for kids this year.

    Gosh, the combination of titles from the year is amazing – just look at that first “stanza” in your list. Beautiful. Ditto the vowel bat stanza. And the east coast trips, and the apple picking….

  2. what a great idea. i did something like this a few years back with first lines from the first posts each month but i never thought to look at the titles.

    hmm. maybe i need to look back at the year again…


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