Poetry Friday: Student Haiku

Today I am featruing the haiku of fourth grade students in Mr. Yates class.

up trees squirrels race
splitter rain falls on windows
crunch leaves fall on ground

the grass is silver
I like when it snows winter
winter very cold

outside is cold now
rainbow sparkling in morning light
shine in gold sunlight

a falling snowflake
as I look up at the sky
it’s winter white snow

hawks perch high on tree
feathers keep them warn outside
puff  up to heat up

snow is falling down
beautiful snow is coming
snow is here now

snowflake in mid-air
trees are breaking from wind breath
cocoa warming up

a big fat snowman falls
while the wind drifted in the air
snow on ground felt soft

birds are too cold now
branches have no leaves on them
crispy crunchy grass

frosty grass is hard
outside is frosted snowballs
frost freezes my nose

April, National Poetry Month is just 57 days away.  If you would like a poetry postcard sent to your mailbox from Silver Star students, please contact me at macrush53 at yahoo dot com.

Visit next Friday when I interview Marilyn Singer, winner of last year’s CYBILS Award for Poetry.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Karissa at The Iris Chronicles.

Happy Reading.



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  2. Please tell the students it’s a wonderful time to receive these as we in Denver are experiencing a hugh snowstorm. I loved each word & think each one got it right about snow!

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